VEHICLE AND COMPONENT TESTING - We offer testing of vehicles and their components for compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADR's). ADR testing is required for Full Volume, Low Volume Compliance Plate Approvals and under RAWS (Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme for used imported vehicles).

We offer the following services:

Brake Performance Testing

Motorcycle & moped braking systems ADR 33/..

Passenger Car braking systems ADR 31/.. testing
Commercial Vehicle braking systems ADR 35/.. testing

Ceedra Services is a registered Test Facility with the Road Vehicle Certification System (RVCS), Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS) Branch at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in Canberra.
We offer testing to the following Australian Design Rules (ADRs):

  • ADR 2/..    Door latches and hinges
  • ADR 3/..    Seats and seat anchorages
  • ADR 4/..    Seatbelt Installation reports
  • ADR 5/..    Seatbelt anchorages
  • ADR11/..   Sun Visors
  • ADR13/..   ADR 13/.. ,  ADR 19/.. and ADR 67/..   Installation of lighting and light signalling devices
  • ADR14/..   Rear view mirrors
  • ADR 18/..  Instrumentation (Speedometers)
  • ADR 21/..  Instrument panel (dashboard impact testing)
  • ADR 22/..  Head restraints
  • ADR 31/..  ADR 31/.. , ADR 33/.. and ADR 35/..  Braking systems for motorcycles, passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • ADR 34/..  Child Restraint Anchorages
  • ADR 42/..  General safety requirements
  • ADR 43/..  Vehicle configuration and dimensions
  • ADR 44/..  Specific purpose vehicle requirements
  • ADR 51/..  Filament globes
  • ADR 57/..  Special requirements for motorcycles and mopeds
  • ADR 61/..  Vehicle markings
  • ADR 62/..  Mechanical connections between vehicles
  • ADR 83/..  External noise of vehicles